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Media Partnerships

We focus on maximising revenue for news outlets through strategic media partnerships. We aim to build lasting partnerships that generate revenue for both parties and produce value for their users.


wikiHow Partnership

AMP has signed an exclusive partnership with wikiHow for all their gambling related content globally. We integrate display campaigns and SEO content throughout their extensive portfolio. Users can now benefit from wikiHow's advice on where to place their bets.

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Reforma Partnership

Our Partnership with Reforma is focused on informing their users on the best places to play online in Mexico. We're delivering our SEO and Conversion techniques on Reforma to optimise for high conversion rates in Mexico.

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Sports Illustrated Partnership

Our Partnership with is focused on expanding our reach in the US and providing their users the best places to play online. We're delivering our SEO, Display and Conversion techniques on to optimise for high conversion rates in the States.

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Our Media Partnerships

These are some of the Media Publishers we work with closely. Our contribution to their established brands is optimising monetisation and activating their users for our clients.

Sports Widgets

We provide different options to increase the user value of media publishers, through implementing our custom-made sport widgets and banners. Users will be able to make more informed decisions while reading the content of their trusted news source.

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Benefits of our partnership

Benefit from lifelong revenue share

Unlike traditional CPM deals, we offer a hybrid model which is comprised of CPA (fixed payment per NDC) and Revenue Share (percentage of players’ net-losses).

Let us do all the work

AMP will take care of legal, compliance, licensing, accounting, reporting, data tracking, widget technology, and provide the best hybrid deals in the industry.

Experienced & Specialised

With over 10 years of experience in the iGaming and Media industry, AMP is well positioned as your partner to provide your loyal customers with the right betting information and experience.